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      Vacuum degasser


    I、General description
    HZCQ240F-A Vacuum Degasser is a kind of specialized equipment on  handling the gassing drill-mud. It is a new type degasser. We developed it on  the basis of studying various kinds of degasser at home and abroad. It applies  in the complete sets of mud purify system. It can recover the mud viscosity property and reduce the drilling cost. At the same time,  it can also act as the  high-power mixer if there is not gas in the mud.
    II 、Main performance parameters
    1、capacity:  4m3/min
    2、vacuum: 300-600mm/hg
    3、motor  power:15kw
    4、pump  power: 3kw
    5、motor  speed:1460r/min
    6、pump  speed:1420r/min
    7、weight:  1200kg
    Structure of HZCQ240F-A Vacuum Degasser, Construction principle of the HZCQ240F-A Vacuum Degasser as shown

    HZCQ240F-A Vacuum Degasser is mainly made up of Vacuum tank shell,Impeller assembly,main motor,belt roller,belts,belt guard, water ring vacuum pumps and motors, water tanks,associated line,suction pipe line,drain tube ,drain butterfly valves, drain elbow,base, vacuum clock, electric apparatus component and so on . Water Ring Vacuum Pump and the composition of the pipeline pumping system, pump tank gas,drain the pipeline pumping gas.Bearing assembly is specialize in designing air-cooled heat bearings for Bearing base outside the welding heat sink,under the belt roller the fan installation is order to air -cooled bearings. Bearing operation generate of the heat by fan cooling.The main motor of the elastic belt, can adjust the motor base on top of the wire to complete.
    HZCQ240F-A Vacuum Degasser is of compact structure, modeling novel, it is convenient for installation, using and maintenance in the field location.
    Ⅳ、Operating  principle
    HZCQ240F-A degasser is the vacuum degasser.  It utilizes the  pumping action of vacuum pump. It causes the negative pressure area in the vacuum tank. The mud is acted by the atmosphere pressure and enter into the rotor hollow shaft through the suction pipe, then is jetted and threw to the tank wall. As the action of the collide and foam separator, the foam in the mud is broken and the gas is escaped, the mud is pumped and drained to the safe area by the vacuum pump. Because of dead weight, the mud enter into the drain room and is drained out the tank by the rotor.
    Ⅴ、Installation & Operation
    1、When installing the degasser should have no the obvious inclination .
    2、When running , the drainage pipe end and suction pipe end should be synchronously dip into the mud , otherwise, the degasser will not work.
    3、 Before running, first , the outside ø16 gum pipe of vacuum pump should link with water source, and water to the oil & gas separator until the fluid drained from the overflow.
    4、 When startup , should be first fit the vacuum pump switch about 2 minutes, then fit the main motor switch and view the motor rotation , the correct rotation can be found by an arrow on the tank and pump .
    5、 The outside ø16 gum pipe of vacuum pump should link with water source.
    6、The drain hose should be self-provided by user.
    1、The coping of the vacuum tank should be cleaning each week, in order to prevent the sundries from jamming the air passage. They are cleaned with water. They are the air collector and the foam separator on the coping.
    While flushing, disconnect the vacuum line, offload the screw plug and meter-seat , the high pressure line should to be inserted into the vacuum tank and flushing 3-5 minutes at a time . After flushing, drain out the tank water. Fix the take-down accessories, assembly can be proceeded as the opposite sequence of disassembly.
    2、After completing, should flush the vacuum tank rotor and suction pipe. Switch off the power , unload the viewport jam plank( namely the square flange board), check the parts whether it has no worn or damage , and clean the inside eyewinker, flush the tank wall and rotor with the high pressure water line.
    3、The above-mentioned job should be done after using each time, and append 1 litre engine oil into the vacuum pump , and revolve 1-2 minutes in order to lubricate and defend against rust on the vacuum pump vane and inside surface , keep it normal usage again.
    4、If the work environment temperature is higher than 30℃, must view the vacuum meter at any time . If the vacuum is lower than 0.03MPa, should replace water in the gas & water separator on time , keep the water temperature is not over 70℃ .
    5、The calcium-base grease should be appended into the vacuum pump bearing pedestal and vacuum tank principal bearing every 7 work days until they are full.
    6、After using in winter, must drain water of the gas & water separator and pump , preventing them from frozen .
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