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      Winch rope


    Ⅰ、The explanation of serial number
    H      Logo
    JC      Automotive Steel cable winch
    50      Apply to the rig of less than 5000 m,
    D       Automotive
    Ⅱ、Voluntary standards
    Name:Automotive Steel cable winch
    Design code:Q/LHXS01-2008
    Ⅲ、Transmission schematic diagram
    Ⅴ、Operational principle
    HJC Steel cable winchis driven by machine, instead of the heavy operation of install and cut off drilling line with machine. This kind of machine is Cable Hoist produced by our Company. The fundamental principle of the equipment as transmission schematic diagram shows.
    (一)Ultimate composition
    1、Actuating system:Composed of power source(Electric machinery, hydraulic motor, compressed air motor and so on), reducing mechanism, chain drive, drum shaft, slip drilling line drum and cut off drilling line drum, clutch.
    2、Control system of electrical equipment:Composed of three-phase on-off control, relay, motor control line 3、Mount and pedestal:The foundation soldered of H type steel, and connected with drum bearing pedestal through bolt4、Gear shift organization:Composed of operating handle, gear shift lever, shifting fork and jaw.
    5、Brake equipment:Compose of brake disk, spring, rocker and foot plate.(二)Operational principle
        1、Set-up service:
    (1)Put the equipment to the side of drill floor steadily.  
    (2)Check whether to contain gear oil in the reduction gear or not.
    (3)Make 3×6mm2+4mm2 copper core cable line switch on380V three-phase supply, and connect null line and ground wire.
    (4)Use supporting bracket to carry drilling line,(or sling drilling line with hoist crotchet)then connect and fix the head of drilling line with wireline anchor on the bull wheel. Running roller, make bull wheel reeled with drilling line and order it.    (5)1 people should responsible for electric apparatus operation when operating, 1 people responsible for arraying drilling line, and 1 people responsible for look-out and direction.
        2、Operational principle:
    (1)When install drilling line, make messenger cross the drilling line composed of traveling block and crown block, and connected with the head of drilling line(Normally with welding method),at this time, with engagement of jaw clutches on cable belt conveyor rotated gear and messenger roller, make drilling line be in free route state. After inspecting well site operation area, start motor and make messenger roller rotate and twine messenger,so make drilling line into traveling system. After installing drilling line,fix the head of drilling line on drilling winch in time. And fix the drilling line on wireline anchor.
    (2)When take out drilling line,first confirm rig place without persons not concerned, make the jaw clutches to the gear of drilling line roller, then unclamp the drilling line fixed on drilling winch and unclamp the drilling line from wireline anchor,start motor,take out drilling line slowly and make drilling line withdraw to drilling line roller.

    Ⅵ、Fundamental parameter

    Models of products
    Effective load:8000kg
    Effective load:12000kg
    Power input of winch:15kw
    Power input of winch:15kw
    Input rotational speed of  winch :1460r/min
    Input rotational speed of  winch :1460r/min:1460r/min
    Maximum tension stress of winch:35000N
    Maximum tension stress of winch:40800N
    Speed of output lines:0.25-1.0m/s
    Speed of output lines:0.25-1.0m/s
    Turning diameter:1700mm
    Turning diameter:2100mm
    External dimension:2920×1900×1980
    External dimension2875×2450×2300
    Voluntary standards:Q/LHXS01-2008
    Voluntary standards:Q/LHXS01-2008

    Ⅶ、The aDantage of HJC-70D210C Steel cable winch  
    1、This device can hold rope 2100m( 13/8″Φ38.1mm).
    2、This device has lightened the labor intensity of drilling crew's workers by a large margin, improved working efficiency, shorten the time of moving nearly one day.
    3、Technology is ripe, dependability is good, ordered by a large margin , respond well at the scene, welcomed by the header of drilling crew, workers and well drilling company deeply.
    4、Driven by angular gear-trochospiral gear reducer, high driving efficiency, vertical output, hard packed, large torque, high accuracy gear, insure operating smoothly, low noise, prolong service life.
    5、 This kind of device is in the position of initiating in the territory of wearing the steel rope and shaking off the steel rope at home. There is no precedent both at home and abroad at present.
    Ⅷ、Attention must be paid to the following
    1.     Install ground cable when using electric apparatus.
    2.When take out of drilling line,,must bind fast line with coir rope by rule, and then fix after stripping fast line, after inspecting all of people leave the well field, can begin cutting off drilling line operation.
    3.When cutting off drilling line, 1 people should responsible for electric apparatus operation when operating, 1 people responsible for drilling line arrayed, and 1 people responsible for look-out and direction. At the same time coordinated with completing cutting off drilling line operation。
    4.When install drilling line, at the same time of repeating step 1,messenger in the doffer should be through traveling block and crown block systems, and then connect cable belt conveyor with messenger, operate according to step 3.
    5. Stop winch when shifting gear. In the process of transiting, claw and swift should be transported hang and shut in case of rotating.
         6、Detach cable plug when cable is reeled,in case of breaking cable.
    7、220# gear oil was used in the reduction gearbox, change gear oil in April and October per year.
    Ⅹ、Ordering notice
    1、Consumer should declare type of drilling machine, diameter and length of matching cable belt conveyor when ordering.
    2、Consumer should declare position of gear, power, speed of rotated gear if have ad hoc request.
    3、Several colors offered below when ordering.
    Chain block
    Eggshell cyan
    Explaination:If consumer do not have any other declaration when ordering, we will match colors according to sequence number 1, and also can declare if want to have distinctive color.
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